Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take the opportunity to speak to all the readers of this blog, the readers of my column and all those others who continually email me with questions, advice or comments.

Happy Holidays and the best of all things in the New Year to everyone.

I am off for a few days for some performances in Southern New Jersey.

Negotiations are still in progress for the lauch of my new show American Escape Artist in Las Vegas in mid 2006.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Update British Television

The emails continue to pore in after the re-airing of my network special Thomas Solomon: The Escape Artist on CH4. Most are not unique (requests for autographed photos, copies of the television show or posters). Some are quite interesting and below is a sampling of the past couple of days.

Dear Solomon:
I saw your tv special on channel four and thought it was awesome. I am a magician and have a book revealing how to escape from a straitjacket, but no straitjacket. Where can i get one?
many thanks

I am fascinated how you can pick locks in such a quick time. i have tryd and tryd to try and pick a yale lock and was unsuccessful. Will u be able to tell me how to achieve this.
many thanks, Josh

hey i saw your tv show on channel 4 and am very impressed. i am 16 and have been interested in lock picking for a long time. could u please give me advice on how to learn.
yours faithfully

I saw your show on channel four, I founded it very fascinating and intriguing.