Friday, July 11, 2008

Official Thomas Solomon Deck of Cards

I'm proud to announce, they are finally here! For months, I have been responding to emails "When are they coming?" "When are they coming?" Well, as of July 1, the Official Thomas Solomon deck of cards is now availible. Made of high quality casino stock with Linoid and Air Cushion Finish, these cards have a back design I am most proud of. Working with my graphics guru, we created an unusual design for both box and cards utilizing one of my favorite publicity photos taken in New York City back in 2002. The actual photograph has been converted to art work and when viewed a short distance away has all the attributes of a photograph. In addition the Jokers have been replaced with Trixster cards with artwork converted from pictures of my upside down straitjacket escape performed in the rain in Portland Oregon back in 2006.
The Ace of Spades has also been retrofitted to fit not only my performing style, but the style of the cards.

The poker-sized, plastic coated, linen finish cards are a limited printing and are going fast. They handle well if you are a magician and will last eons if you use them to play cards. And, for all you poker and Black Jack players, these cards WILL win you the money, ever since I blesssed them with my special mojo. : - ) Ah . . . just kidding, well hey, a little faith can't hurt, right?

Email me if you are interested. They are $6.00 per deck.

This deck of cards has been designed to promote my upcoming History Channel show, "No Jail Can Hold Me."