Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Have No Fear

It struck me recently that most of you respond to posts on this blog by clicking on the link to my website and sending your comments to my email.

The only reason I can surmise for this occurence is that this blog does not accept anonymous posts or comments. Since some may believe that having to register before responding is a hassle, I can assure you, if you try it, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Whichever you prefer (email or blog) is fine, however the open forum of this blog gives
myself . . . and others the ability to respond quicker.

All the best

Valentine's Day

There have been many asking me via email lately about the when and where aspects of my new show slated for Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, I cannot say anything yet as the deal is still being worked. Interestingly enough however, I have been hired to possible perform in Los Angeles this year in which I will do seven shows compromising my Challenge Handcuff Act and nightly escapes (hopefully!) from the Nuclear Aquatic Containment Trap (aka 241).

Sorry that I continue to remain cagey about the Las Vegas show.

As soon as I have definite information, I will post on my website.

Thanks for your patience.