Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As of 10pm EST last night, October 28, the new content on my has gone live. This remains only the second major overhaul of the design and content on my website since early August, 2001.

There are lots of new features incorporating a totally new look. Most of my work, since 2001 and prior, including the several television shows I have done is represented in some way with pictures or articles on the site.

There is a new flash intro with audio and a whole new look to the site, incorporating a newly flourishing genre, called "steampunk" which, I am happy to say, has been a hallmark of my act for at least ten years. It is only within the last year that other clever people have coined the term for this new genre. Before that, it was "just a look." Now, thanks to other artists following a similiar format, someone has given it a name.

Back to the website. There is a mission statement page that outlines my 'reasons' as they apply
to magic; a new gallery page with pictures that you can click on and download if you so desire, there is a re-written and streamlined biography and milestones page with links to my fan site where you can read press about my career as well as a link to this very blog.

The 24/7 store allows you to purchase posters and limited edition decks of playing cards in your pajamas at your convenience by a simple click of the button. (How great is that!!!) Posters remain availible but decks of cards are on a first-come first-served basis, since quantities were limited.

So, if you have time . . . put on a pot of coffee, mute the TV, shut off the phone and find a comfortable chair. Then, log on around the site, read the articles, order merchandise or just look at the pictures . . . hopefully . . . you like : - )

As always--thanks for your interest.